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Four Versatile Resources for Drama Revision

There are over one hundred drama resources in the We Teach Drama Library now and we know it's difficult to keep a track of what's in there. Therefore, we thought it would be useful to curate the most useful resources for drama set texts revision in one handy Blog! These versatile templates & worksheets can be used for independent revision, homework, class starters and finishers for both level 2 and 3 qualifications. A great idea is to save them on your school VLE or shared area and then hyperlink to the templates on your revision timetables. All of the resources in the this article can be downloaded as PDF & Editable PDFs from the new Revision Tools Folder in the free Resource Library. Here we go...

1) Production Concept Brainstorming Sheet

When students are revising set texts, their overall production concept is key to them envisioning their performer, director and design ideas. This underpins their responses to every question. Once the have explored their ideas practically and created a detailed portfolio of ideas for each scene, this Production Concept Brainstorming Sheet can be used to return to their overall concept and ensure that they can describe it succinctly within the exam. Ensure they include stage space sketches too!

2) Character Profile Sheet

This template is useful for revising characters within set texts. Students must be able to describe characters using a range of adjectives and have clear ideas about voice, movement skills, casting and interpretation. I've used this as a class activity, with students taking a character each for homework and then feeding back next lesson. To make it more practical, ask them to perform the characters, based on the descriptions and details revealed in the template.

3) Costume Collage Template

This editable collage template includes five costume design fundamentals:

  1. Character/style

  2. Colour Palette

  3. Shape/Silhouette

  4. Texture/ Fabric

  5. Pattern/Print

This is a great way to ensure that students have considered ALL of the key elements of costume within their designs. They could use this to create costume ideas for a whole play text, a specific scene, or one character. Different colours and textures can be added to the collage too.

4) Key Terms for Movement, Voice and Facial Expression

I find that students often struggle with finding specific terms of describe movement, voice and facial expression. Here are some worksheets which may help them to find some appropriate phrases:

We hope these are useful! All of these Resources can be found in a new Revision Tools Folder in the Library. Enter the password here of you have already signed up:

You can sign up for the Resource Library here:

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