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Three Versatile Christmas Drama Lessons

Ho ho ho….not long to go before Xmas #dramaarmy! Christmas Drama Lessons will be starting soon I'm sure and rehearsals for Christmas performances are in full flow. Whether you are teaching in a drama studio or a classroom, this post shares three FREE versatile Christmas Drama Lessons for you to download and use this Autumn term in Key Stage 3 & 4 lessons.


Christmas Drama Improv Challenge

We have had some fun creating this and have added several Christmas sound effects, which work well as stimuli for creating scenes! This can be used for Key Stages 3 & 4. You can also edit the slides to include your class’s favourite game or activity. Here's a preview of the slides and activities:

There are many ways to use it, but I would ask a drama-related quiz question to the class and the first person who stands up, says the answer, and gets it right, chooses a number on the board. Each numbered present reveals a stimulus or starting point for creating a scene- a line, a sound effect, or a drama game. It would work in a practical drama lesson, in a classroom setting, with students at desks and online. Students can work in break out rooms in pairs or small groups if they are working online or you can adapt the activities to have a more ‘creative writing’ or monologue focus.


Drama Improv Cards

Christmas Drama Improv Cards would work well with Key Stages 3 or 4. Print off three pages of cards and use them in practical drama, classroom drama or online. Each card has a character, setting or time on it. Students can use one, two or three of the cards as a starting point for a scene and they can be used for paired or group work. If the students have been looking at Stanislavski’s Given Circumstances, this is the Christmas version!


Instant Book

This Christmas Drama Lesson called ‘Instant Book’ would work in Key Stage 3 Drama or English, combining creative writing and spontaneous improvisation. Students create a book instantly, which they receive as a Christmas present. Students can use any book they have on their desk as a prop and you can model this activity before they do it. Use music and sound effects to create even more atmosphere!

So, there we have it- I hope these resources are useful for your last few weeks of teaching.


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