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Practitioners & Genres
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Artaud SCH Handouts

Two Artaud Resources, perfect for introducing the social, cultural and historical aspects of this complex practitioner to GCSE & A-Level students. Stretch and challenge your students with this Research Guide.

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Texts Brainstorming Sheets for Live Cinema

A brainstorming sheet for students to use if they are looking for texts as a stimulus for Katie Mitchell's style of work. Available as a PDF or editable version. 

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A 10-Step Student Guide to Creating Katie Mitchell's Live Cinema

This 10-Step Student Guide can be given directly to students if they are creating a Live Cinema performance in the style of Katie Mitchell's Live Cinema. These 10 steps came from Katie Mitchell herself, during a zoom webinar, which you can read more about in our Blog. 

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Story Boarding Live Cinema

A Story Boarding Template to use when creating Katie Mitchell's Live Cinema with 14-19 students. Available in PDF & Editable versions. 

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A Student Guide to Katie Mitchell

A Student Guide to Katie Mitchell in a two-page PDF. Focuses on her career, methodology and introduces her unique style of Live Cinema. Suitable for GCSE & Post-16 students. You can also read our Blog called 'The Essential Guide to Katie Mitchell's Live Cinema.

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Stanislavski Fact Sheet & Genre Handout

Two sample sheets from the WTD Stanislavski Practitioner Pack. A handy Student Fact Sheet and a handout about the genres of Naturalism & Realism.

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Student Handout on Edward Gordon Craig

A Student Handout about visionary and progressive theatre designer Edward Gordon Craig. Use it as a stand-alone resource or as part of a Shoebox Theatre or model-box making project. Use the link to the superb website about Gordon Craig, which includes some excellent resources for A-Level Drama. 

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Stanislavski Timeline & Infographic

Two info graphics about key practitioner Stanislavski- a timeline and a Fact Sheet about his key approaches. Perfect for Online Learning!

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Research Immersive Theatre

A double-sided A4 handout which gives an overview of the roots of Immersive Theatre and a list of useful books, websites and articles.

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Immersive Theatre- Student Guide

A student-guide checklist to creating immersive theatre. Supports practical devising & students exploring Punchdrunk as a practitioner.

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