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Character Work
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Improv and Devising Starters for Younger Students

Sixteen flashcards with photo stimuli and prompt questions, for younger students to use when they are improvising or devising their own work. The perfect starter activity for Key Stage 2 or 3 students. Available to download with question prompts or without. 

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Flashcards for Improv Starters

Twenty-four flashcards for improv starters with ideas for location, time and characters.  Perfect for improv and introducing Stanislavki's Given Circumstances. Available to download as PDF and Editable PDFs (add your own ideas!)

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Four Key Questions for Preparing Monologues

A brainstorming sheet for students across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 to use when preparing monologues. Available to download as a PDF or Editable PDF for an independent homework task. 

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Circles of Influence- Character Analysis Template

A versatile template for GCSE & A-Level studenst to use when analysing characters. Available in a PDF or Editable format. 

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