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Teach Artaud

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An Online Course for secondary drama teachers, which will give you all the resources and knowledge you need to teach Artaud with confidence. These are versatile resources and exercises you can use again and again, with 14-19 year olds. The course will cover: • A detailed guide to Artaud’s life, work, and methodology. • Six Engaging & imaginative practical exercises for exploring Artaud with 14-18 year olds. • Ideas for adapting practical approaches for online or blended learning. • 5 HD videos showing Year 12 Drama students taking part in the practical exercises. Includes a 52-page PDF Teacher Pack (plus a print-friendly version): • A pack of detailed Lessons Plan for all practical exercises. • Comprehensive student handouts about Artaud’s life, work and methodology- including context, roots, purpose, practice, influences and collaborations.




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