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The Think Like a Set Designer Student Workbook will give your students a solid foundation in set design for GCSE, before progressing to A-Level. Suitable for Year 9 upwards. 

Your purchase will include:


  • 47 pages of activities, exercises and mini-projects.

  • Comprehensive Teacher Notes with summative feedback sheet.

  • Step-by-step learning for Year 9 students & upwards.

  • Five engaging video content featuring professional theatre-makers. 

  • Three vocab tests.

  • Three mini-design projects to consolidate learning.

  • One original script.

  • Editable PDF & Printable LOW INK versions available. 

  • Easy marking and feedback sheets.


By the end of the Workbook students will:


􀀹 Know the purpose of an effective set design.
􀀹 Be able to analyse a script as a Set Designer.
􀀹 Understand the role and the process of a Set Designer.
􀀹 Be able to undertake research like a professional Set Designer.
􀀹 Know and understand the pros and cons of different stage spaces.
􀀹 Be able to sketch an aerial view of an End On Stage Space
􀀹 Have learnt a range of vocabulary linked to set design.


Read more about our workbooks here.

Think Like a Set Designer- Student Workbook

  • Once purchased, you will be receive a Zip File with the Student Workbooks in the following formats:

    • Editable PDF
    • Low Ink Version
    • PDF Teacher Notes
  • When you purchase all four packs, you receive a Schools Licence. This means that you can share the packs directly with students as a digital PDF or printable version and multiple teachers within one school can use the resources. This does not permit you to share the resources outside of your school. For more information, go to We Teach Drama

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