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The Teach Artaud Practitioner Pack is 50 pages and includes:


•    A detailed guide to Artaud’s life, work, and methodology.
•    Six Engaging & imaginative practical workshops for exploring Artaud with 14-18 year olds.
•     Comprehensive student handouts about Artaud’s life, work and methodology- including context, roots, purpose, practice, influences and collaborations.


Your purchase will also include a two hour CPD course for secondary drama teachers, which will give you all the resources and knowledge you need to teach Artaud with confidence. These are versatile resources and exercises you can use again and again, with 14-18 year olds. 

Teach Artaud Practitioner Pack & Webinar Replay

  • The Teach Artaud Practitioner Pack is divided into the following three sections:

    Section 1: Theory & Context contains twelve worksheets that can be given to students directly. This section focuses learning on the background and context of Artaud’s work as well as on his key theories and beliefs.

    Section 2: Practical Exploration contains six detailed workshop plans with resources for 14 hours of practical exploration. Each plan has a clear aim and discussion points arising from the session.

    This section gives detailed explanations of the Practical Work to be carried out with students, in order to aid their understanding of Artaud’s key theories and ideas. These exercises provide a sense of progression, intended to aid understanding and consolidate learning along the way.

    Section 3: Devising Resources & Further Reading contains resources used for practical exercises and a list of further reading ideas for both teachers and students.

  • Once you have purchased the Webinar Replay and the Resources, you will download a Zip Folder which will have the PDF Resources and an info sheet. The info sheet contains the download link, for the webinar replay. 

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