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Teach Stanislavski with confidence. You will be able to explore Stanislavski practically and theoretically with 14-19 year olds. A sequenced pack, with 10 engaging and accessible lessons for all abilities. 


This editable, 27-page PDF Practitioner Pack is divided into three sections:


Section 1: Theory and Context contains five worksheets which can be given directly to students.

Section 2: Practical Exploration, contains 10 lessonplans with resources for 18 hours of practical exploration.Each lesson plan has a clear aim and discussion points arising from the session.

Section 3: Script Extracts & Further Reading contains script extracts used for practical exercises and a list ofideas for further reading, for both teachers and students.


You will also receive a Low Ink version to print off and save your printer cartridge. 

Stanislavski Practitioner Pack

  • When you purchase the Practitioner Pack, you receive a Schools Licence. This means that you can share the packs directly with students as a digital PDF or printable version and multiple teachers within one school can use the resources. This does not permit you to share the resources outside of your school. For more information, go to We Teach Drama

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