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A one hour webinar replay with professional costume and set designer Richard Cooper sharing his design ideas for the AQA Set Text Our Country's Good. Your purchase will also include:


􀀹 Presentation slide deck, used by Richard
􀀹 A full transcript of the webinar
􀀹 Ten PDFs of Richard’s Designs
􀀹 Two MP4s of the costume sketching videos



Design Our Country's Good- Set & Costume

  • When you purchase the replay & resources, you receive a Schools Licence. This means that you can share the packs directly with students as a digital PDF or printable version and multiple teachers within one school can use the resources. This does not permit you to share the resources outside of your school. For more information, go to We Teach Drama 

  • Once you have purchased the Webinar Replay and the Resources, you will download a Zip Folder which will have the PDF Resources and an info sheet. The info sheet contains the download link, for the webinar replay. 

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