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#SeizetheDay! Give Drama the recognition it deserves.

"We know that children and young people that engage in drama and theatre feel happier, more confident, creative and perform better in all subjects but we need decision-makers, government, MPs and school governors  to understand the value of drama and theatre education."

- Drama & Theatre Education Alliance (

The Spring Term is an extra-busy time for drama teachers as we juggle exam perfromances, exam prep and coursework. So, I totally understand that you may not have the capacity for something extra on your to-do list. BUT, #SeizetheDay is NOT about creating a new performance or project on top of what you are already doing! Read on to find out what you can do to play a key role in #SeizetheDay 2024, in order to raise the profile of Drama in schools & Theatre for children & young people.

What is #SeizetheDay?

#SeizetheDay gives you the opportunity to shout about the amazing work you do EVERY SINGLE DAY as a drama teacher, arts company or theatre and shed a spotlight on it.

It takes place over eight days from 20th March to 27th March 2024 and is organised the DTEA (Drama & Theatre Education Alliance), "An alliance of UK associations working in drama and theatre with, for and by children and young people." (

What can I do as a drama teacher?

Step 1- Sign Up on the DTEA Website. Click on this button, scroll down the page and fill out the form to register. (This is crucial is we are to build momentum with this Campaign and track involvement each year).

Step 2- Plan your event & who you are going to invite.

  • Will you showcase a drama lesson? A performance? A workshop?

  • Will you invite a member of SLT, a Governor or a local MP?


  • Get a testimonial from a participant or audience member.

  • Share the amazing feedback on social media, in a Blog, video or through the school newsletter.

What can I do as a Theatre or Arts Company?

"It’s the most amazing class to be a part of, amazing people, amazing youth support and lots of fun."

Production Arts participant, Mayflower Theatre

Theatres and Arts Companies also have a crucial role to play in #SeizetheDay. Mayflower Theatre, Southampton have totally inspired me by creating a whole programme of events!

Photo: Rise & Bloom at Mayflower Theatre

Here are just a few of the events they are hosting across the eight days, which include pre & post-show talks for young people, rehearsals, free theatre tickets for children & young people and lots more....

  • Wednesday 20th March: Pre- show talk by Welsh National Opera’s about their production A Death in Venice.

  • Thursday 21st March: Flabbergast Macbeth plays Studio 1 in MAST Mayflower Studios, and they are hosting a post-show Q&A for schools and the community.

  • Friday 22nd March: Over 1300 primary school children will attend Mayflower Theatre to see the Welsh National Opera school’s concert for FREE.

  • Sunday 24th March: Recall auditions for their Summer Youth Project. 450 young people auditioned in the first round to be part of this summers production of Bugsy Malone, the theatre's 11th annual project.

  • Tuesday 26th March: Their Young Company (ages18 – 30) continue to rehearse their production of Antigone.


Mayflower Theatre will be posting during #SeizetheDay about the events and sharing testimonials and photos on all of their social media channels from 20th to 27th March.

How do I sign up?

HERE! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇


If you have any questions about #SeizetheDay 2024, please do not hesitate to get in touch on Together we can make this year bigger and better than ever and help to ensure that ALL children and young people have access drama in schools and high quality theatre experiences throughout the UK.

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