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Let professional Set Designer Sam Beal take you through how to create a Set Slice- a small section of a set design, with your students. Sam creates a set slice from the GCSE Set Text The Crucible. However, the skills the design skills which students learn can be adapted to any text!


The pack includes:


  • Step-by-step learning through 5 videos:


Video 1-  Introduction by Sam Beal (2 mins)

Video 2- The Basic Structure (8 mins 46)

Video 3- Walls and Brickwork (12 mins 20)

Video 4- Creating the Floorboards (10 mins 50)

Video 5- Assembling your Set Slice (5 mns 10)


Each video has captions to engage all learners and is divided into Chapters, to make it even easier to use as a teaching tool.


The PDF guide includes:

  • PDF Instruction sheets and handout for your students
  • A Kit list.
  • 1:25 scale templates to create furniture and the door.
  • Context notes on The Crucible


This is a versatile resource which can be used in lessons, as an independent study task or a creative project. Perfect for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. This is a practical, easy-to-follow introdcution to set model-making. 

Set Slice- Project Pack

  • On p.3 of the accompanying pack, you will find the password, to access the videos. This can be shared with your students, if they are working through the pack independently. 

  • When you purchase all four packs, you receive a Schools Licence. This means that you can share the packs directly with students as a digital PDF or printable version and multiple teachers within one school can use the resources. This does not permit you to share the resources outside of your school. For more information, go to We Teach Drama

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